ERA domestic fans
 Domestic ERA fans possess a large number of options and modern design in order to create the correct microclimate, get rid of condensate, increased humidity and unpleasant smells. 

Domestic fans DICITI
By means of domestic ERA fans possessing a large number of options and modern design you will be able to create the correct microclimate, will get rid of condensate, increased humidity and unpleasant smells. You will easily match a model, which will meet your requirements.

Ventilation grills. Anemostats. Diffusers. ERA trademark
ERA LLC presents a wide range of products for supply and exhaust ventilation systems, air conditioning and air heating systems, exit decoration of ventilating systems of household, public and industrial buildings. All products are made only from high-quality plastics. 

Under EVECS trademark «ERA» company united a line of service hatches for access to the hidden engineering communications. We offer you a wide size range of plastic, metal hatches, and also hatches of hidden installation.

Street line
«ERA» company represents a series of external ventilating grills of «Streetline» series.
 In our production, we use aluminum, stainless steel and ASA-plastic. Advantages of external ventilating grills from aluminum, stainless steel are obvious.
ASA plastic is an analog of ABS-plastic but differs from it in weather-ability and super-reliability. Products from ASA-plastic don’t turn yellow, lose its durability, become fragile and burst at temperature drops.

ERA duct systems
In this catalogue «ERA» company presents a system of ventilating ducts. It is is a combination of ducts and shaped elements, made of polymeric materials. In comparison with systems, made of metal, the production by «ERA» company possesses a number of indisputable advantages:
- a wide range of connecting elements;
- simple installation;
- high resistance to corrosion, a possibility of application in damp environments;
- low dynamic resistance due to a smooth internal surface;
- small weight.

Blind side of metal radiator screen BG-MER

Brand New! New metal DVM and DUM anemostats
New metal DVM and DUM anemostats.
Designed for use in the systems of: ventilation, air conditioning and air heating.
These products can be used in any premises both in residential and in industrial, social, or sanitary.
​Metal anemostats may be used for ventilation systems with air heating or for higher-temperature rooms.

ERA has launched its own production of MARS and TORNADO commercial fans!
​ERA company informs its customers about the launch of a complete range of duct centrifugal fans MARS and TORNADO in galvanized steel case. Due to transition to our own production and the improvement of production processes, we are extending the warranty period to 2 years! MARS and TORNADO - professional equipment, designed to create a comfortable climate in ventilation, which requires moving large air volume, high pressure and low noise level.

New item! Multi-operated hatch HDM-1
How to hide the utilities in the wall by means of ceramic tiles? To do this, you need a universal hatch HDM-1, which is designed to provide access to the hidden  utilities. The product is made of galvanized metal plates with perforations (to improve coupling), which are fastened to the inner side of the tile-door, using tile adhesive. Magnets must be attached under facing tiles along the entire perimeter of the cavity in the wall one at a time on each side. However, depending on the size of the tile and its weight, it is necessary to strengthen the construction, this calls for 2 sets and place along the perimeter of  two magnetic plates on each side. Simple installation and ease of use.

New ventilation grills RF series
​“ERA” LLC has produced new series of dismountable ventilation grills with flange for supply and exhaust ventilation systems.
RF grills have inclined louvers for an aesthetic look. Equipped with mounting flange for the connection with round ducts of the corresponding diameter. Made of high-quality plastic, providing high operational characteristics during the serviсe life.

Brand new! Ventilation sets VK series
ERA LLC has produced sets for construction of ventilation systems VK series. It is available in 3 popular diameters: 110, 125, 150 mm. The set included: 2 collar clamps, plastic plane surface PTP and metal flexible air vent VA. Easy mounting is achieved by simple construction. By means of these sets you will be able to organize a ventilation system in any premise, for example, in the kitchen.

New item! Telescopic ducts (VPT series)
​Telescopic ducts (VPT series) created for the organization of supply and exhaust ventilation in various types of premises. Presented in three diameters: 100, 125 and 150 mm. The design consists of two parts. Length of VPT ducts changes in a range from 250 mm to 480 mm and from 500 mm to 980 mm. Due to this, you can easily set the desired length without tools.

New item! SK connector!
New SK connector is used in supply and exhaust ventilation systems for the connection of flexible air vents and PVC air vents of corresponding diameter. For ease of connection of flexible ducts connector has special grooves that allow to fix the duct using clips or plastic cable ties.
Produced in 2 diameters: 100 and 125 mm. Made of high-quality plastic, that guaranties high operational characteristics during the service life. Easy mounting provides the simplicity of ventilation construction.

New items 15SKP 15 SKPO for ducts with round diameter!
​Since September 2017  ERA LLC has launched  new connectors of plastic ducts SKP and connectors of plastic ducts with back flow valve SKPO of 150 mm diameter. The products are intended for organizations of supply and exhaust ventilation systems,  for the connection of round air ducts of the same diameter directly. 15SKPO is equipped with gravity valve to prevent back draught in a ventilation duct. ERA products are made of high-quality plastic to guarantee high operational characteristics during the service life!

New hangers for hatches of L, LR,LZ series EVECS trademark.
​From the 21 of August 2017 ERA company transfer to a new type of hangers for hatches of L, LR,LZ series.
This solution allows to place the products in retail outlets on all types of commercial pegs, ensuring reliable fixation of goods, excluding the possibility of falling.
When mounting it can be removed easily without any special tools.

New item! Revision sanitaryware hatch under tile (FLOOR LIFT AL series)
​A new item has appeared in EVECS range - a floor hatch FLOOR LIFT AL. The product is intended for concealed access to the electrical and other communications, located below floor level. Made of aluminum profile with the filling of hatch cover with gypsum sheet. Lifting and locking of the cover in the open position is carried out by means of 2 gas stops. Equipped with a lock to limit foreign penetration to the hidden engineering sites. A wide size range.

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