05TP 1/4 - Round overflow grille (set 4 pcs.)

​Ventilation grille for installation in the door of bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, etc.
Also, these grilles can be installed in furniture for air circulation of storage areas, as well as in PVC stretch ceiling systems.
Ventilation overflow grilles (series 2307DP)

​In addition to the existing size range of the overflow grilles of series DP, rectangular grilles in size 230x70mm (straight louvers, in three color versions) were produced.
New item! Revision sanitaryware hatch under tile (FLOOR LIFT AL series)

​A new item has appeared in EVECS range - a floor hatch FLOOR LIFT AL. The product is intended for concealed access to the electrical and other communications, located below floor level. Made of aluminum profile with the filling of hatch cover with gypsum sheet. Lifting and locking of the cover in the open position is carried out by means of 2 gas stops. Equipped with a lock to limit foreign penetration to the hidden engineering sites. A wide size range.
Round ventilation grilles RKU

​ERA has produced a universal adjustable grille under the article 10RKU. The uniqueness of this product lies in a universal flange, with which it is possible to install a ventilation duct with a diameter of 90 to 160 mm. Also, the design of the grille allows to adjust the free area ratio to the complete shut-off of the ventilation duct. The grille is equipped with a cord that provides its easy operation.
Mounting tapes LU and LM PVC

​LU - Adhesive foamed tape serves for sealing the connection points of fans, air distributors and fittings with rigid and flexible ducts.
LM PVC -Adhesive moisture-proof tape serves for sealing the connection points of ventilation systems with rigid and flexible ducts and shaped elements.
New! Duct connectors with cover plate SKNP and SKNPO

​SKNP - Multifunctional shaped element that combines the functions of the cover plate and the duct connector. It is designed to connect round air ducts of the appropriate diameter with each other. The connector under article 511SK10NP combines the functions of the adaptor to both round-diameter elements and rectangular air ducts 55 * 110 mm.
SKNPO - a round ducts connector with a back flow valve and a cover plate. Multifunctional shaped element, which combines the functions of the front panel, the duct connector and the back flow valve. Available in three sizes of the most common diameters - 100, 125 and 150 mm.
New! Condensate collector СС

​The collector for gathering condensate is used for the installation of a vertical ventilation duct. Designed to collect excessive moisture from air ducts. Made of high quality plastic, which will ensure high performance over the product lifecycle. Available in three standard sizes of the most common diameters - 100, 125 and 150-160 mm.
New! Flexible air ducts PF!

​Flexible PVC air duct on a spiral frame made of high-carbon steel wire. It is used in ventilation systems in residential and commercial buildings. High compression ratio. Heavy flammable.
Eccentric reducer (REP)

​Eccentric reducer (REP) is used in the supply and exhaust ventilation systems for connection of air ducts of different diameters with each other. It has been added new sizes. The connection way of reducers with air ducts is updated, now the connection is accomplished directly without any additional elements. New sizes: 80/100 mm, 100/110 mm, 125/150 mm, 100/150 mm.
Grilles RRF and RRPF

ERA has launched a series of split air grilles with a flange RRF and RRPF, designed for supply and exhaust ventilation systems, air conditioning and air heating. These grills can be mounted either independently with screws, or with ducts of the appropriate diameter, using a mounting flange. RRF has straight louvres to increase its throughput. It is possible to install directly with PROFIT fans of the appropriate diameter. RRPF has inclined louvers, and is also equipped with a movable part for adjusting the airflow (the adjustment of the airflows is carried out with the help of the regulator). Available in white and Ivory color.
Round ventilation grill 15 RKS

LLC ERA has complemented the air distribution product line-up with a round grill 15 RKS with a plastic insect screen and a round mounting flange with a diameter of 150 mm for connection to the air ducts of the corresponding diameter. Designed for decorative completion of the supply and exhaust vents in residential, public and industrial buildings. The grill is equipped with a mounting flange for simple connection with round air ducts, it has inclined louvers.
15 RKS is equipped with a protective insect net. The original design of the anti-mosquito screen improves its functionality, and it is much more durable than conventional analog. The product is made of high quality plastic. Wall or ceiling mounting.
Revision hatch door with handle LR Ivory

​From November 1st, 2017, the range of hatches of TM Evecs will be replenished with the LR Ivory series. This is a revision hatch with a handle in a new color version Ivory, designed to access the concealed utility lines. The product can be used in high-humidity areas. LR Ivory is equipped with a handle for easy opening / closing the hatch. Universal mounting for left-hand or right-hand opening is carried out with a mortar or glue. The hatch door is designed for installation in a wall or ceiling. Easy maintenance. Wide size range. Material: ABS plastic.
Ventilation grill RKL

​Within the launch of the new RKL series the new ventilation grill was released under the article 10RKL.
The grill is designed in the way that, thanks to flange fasteners it can quickly and simply be fixed in the duct, without any additional holding elements.
​At the same time, the grill can be easily dismounted off the ventilation duct for maintenance.
The size of the air vent is 90-100 mm.
15SKP 15 SKPO for ducts with round diameter

Since September 2017 ERA LLC has launched new connectors of plastic ducts SKP and connectors of plastic ducts with back flow valve SKPO of 150 mm diameter.
​The products are intended for organizations of supply and exhaust ventilation systems, for the connection of round air ducts of the same diameter directly.
SK duct connector

​Used in supply and exhaust ventilation systems for the connection of flexible ducts together. Provided the  construction simplicity of a ventilation system.
Diameters: 100 mm; 125 mm.
Made of high-quality plastic.
Telescopic ducts VPT series

Created for the organization of supply and exhaust ventilation of various types. Presented in three diameters: 100, 125 and 150 mm.
The design consists of two parts. Length of ducts changes in a range from 250 mm to 480 mm and from 500 mm to 980 mm.  
New ventilation grills RF series!

“ERA” LLC has produced new series of dismountable ventilation grills with flange for supply and exhaust ventilation systems. 
New hangers for hatches of L, LR,LZ series EVECS trademark

From the 21 of August 2017 ERA company transfer to a new type of hangers for hatches of L, LR,LZ series.
Round PVC air vents 150 mm in diameter

ERA LLC informs about the production of round PVC air vents 150 mm in diameter.
From the 20 of June 2017 ERA company begins the serial production of round PVC air vents 150 mm in diameter for the construction of supply and exhaust ventilation systems.
Product-line expansion of mounting elements 150 mm. diameter

Product-line expansion! ERA company informs its customers about expanding of diffusers and mounting elements range.

From June the 1st, 2017 ERA company launches production of diffusers and mounting elements 150 mm. diameter. All products are made of high-quality plastic, which provides high operational characteristics. Mounting of products with air vents of corresponding diameter is carried out directly.
New hangers!

This solution allows to place the products in retail outlets on all types of commercial pegs, ensuring reliable fixation of goods, excluding the possibility of falling.
New dimensions of hatch doors (LZ model range)

The hatch door range of ERA company has been updated – the size range of LZ  has been refilled (hatch door with lock).

LZ model restricts the access to hidden communications, protecting from the outside penetration to enclosed space (2  keys in a set).
New dimensions of hatch doors (LR model range)

The hatch door range of ERA company has been updated – the size range of LR  has been refilled (hatch door with handle).

Hatch door provides access to hidden sanitary and engineering communications. Can be wall and ceiling mounted. The hatch door’s design ensures both right-handed and left-handed installation up to the customer’s choice.

All products are made of high-quality plastic material and can be successfully used in the high-level humidity spaces (bathroom, swimming pool, etc.).
Plastic screwdriver to adjust the fan settings

Specialists of the company has been found a very simple and reliable way to set the required parameters of the fan and the subsequent adjustments.
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