New hangers!

The first changes were touched upon the following  goods (511KGP, 612KGP, 620KGP, 511KVP, 612KVP, 511KRP, 612KRP, 511ТPP, 612ТPP, 10KKP,12,5KKP, 10KKP 45°, 12,KKP45°, 16KKP45°, 10ТP, 12,5ТP, 16ТP, 12,5SKP, 511ТF10P, 612ТF10P, 612SK10KP, 511SKP, 612SK10FP, 1012,5RP, 12,516REP, 612NPP, 612SKP, 10NKP, 10SKP).
But by the end of the first quarter of 2017, we plan to transfer all fittings to hangers of this type. 

This solution allows to place the products in retail outlets on all types of commercial pegs, ensuring reliable fixation of goods, excluding the possibility of falling.

When mounting in a plastic duct system it can be easily removed by means of utility knife or sidecuttersing the possibility of falling.
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